Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

In a quest for self-publicity I give you my portfolio of articles. This whole endeavour started for two rather selfish reasons: 1) To get free theatre tickets and 2) To prove to my sister that you don't need a Journalism degree to be a Journalist. but as my work has developed I've really started to enjoy writing, in fact I'd love to do it for a living (hint hint). I write for Felix, the paper of Imperial College and winner of last year's Student Newspaper of The Year. As this was the first year I'd written it'd be nice to think I helped in some way to get the award!
My first article, commissioned by my then flatmate as something to keep me busy before Uni started, was a critique/rant about how Andrew Lloyd Webber is stunting the growth of musical theatre. As you will come to discover I'm not a great fan the Lord. In the Spring term I embarked on a regular feature that I wanted to be titled "Musicals That Changed The World" but were given the name "Musical Theatre Weekly" by my other flatmate/arts editor. The editor himself seemed to like it and they were fun to write, I may repost them here with the original pictures and captions as they were much more fun then the ones that appeared in the paper.
Recently I conducted my first interview which was AWESOME! I was invited to the tech rehearsal of Imagine This and interview its producer Beth. This was a great introduction to interview theatre lovies as it really put me at ease, we just chatted for 2 hours whilst the actors rehearsed in front of us. I was heaven. Having read the article that The Guardian did about Imagine This I think mine was better.

So here's the links, you'll have to scroll through the pages to get to my articles. You'll be able to recognise them because a) They tend to be rather long and b) They'll be the articles about theatre (yes, I do straight plays too)

The Great British Musical- Andrew Lloyd Webber Stunts the Growth of Musical Theatre, pg 14

More Sex and Drugs, Less Rock and Roll- Rent Remixed, page 19

A Nice Warming Musical For Winter- John&Jen

Is This Really What Theatre is Like?- Tate Modern (See, I do galleries too. But I didn't like it)

Attention- For You Eyes Only- The Viewing Room page 18 (That little upset about varsity in the comments section? I might have had something to do with that too...)

That Face aka Why Alcohol Is Bad

Moral of Story: Sex With Nazis Never Works Out Well- Marguerite" page 12

From here on in, you'll have to do with html, badly formatted versions. Not my fault. Its also a big shame as the Imagine This feature (three articles to follow) had a really good double page centre spread layout (kudos to the editor)
Live From Bosnia and Herzegovina- Eurobeat

Imagine This- Interview with Beth Trachtenburg.
Imagine This- Preview
Imagine This- Cultural History of the Warsaw Ghetto

Alas, the actual review of Imagine This hasn't been put up yet.

I'll post the Musical Theatre Weeklys up later as I think they work better in a blog setting.

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