Thursday, 5 November 2009


David Bedella- the self made standing ovation

Wow, has it really been three months? Sorry- I've been having to spend too much time in the science world and scarcely any in my beloved theatre world.
First a quick update. I'm now in my final year of my chemistry degree (thank goodness) and am currently rerunning the beginnings of my year long research project that takes little effort but lots of waiting and doesn't really work, hence time to write this. So here's the grateful part; theatre...I think I can sum it up in three bullet points:

1) I'm now an arts editor for Felix which means I get to make the page look pretty as well as write the articles. I also get to have a monthly moan about something arts based which may or may not come from this blog

2) I finally got to see Rocky Horror live. Dressed in just a bra and petticoat. Bedella had to just move to warrant mass screaming and the rest of the cast was equally amazing. Turns out a friend of a friend works on the show which leads me to point three.

3)I also got to go to Scott Alan's concert Them and Me. I wasn't a huge fan of the material mainly because I haven't been in love and I don't have a dog but this fact paled in comparison to who were singing the songs- Stephanie J Block, Alison Jiear, our beloved Bedella, the list goes on. The said friend of a friend was co producing the night so we stayed back a little to do a bit of schmoozing. I nearly hit Alison Jiear with my coat as she bent down to get her bag, I managed to bag a photo with David by convincing him that he was going to have to wait in the queue to get out anyway so he may as well do something with his time and discovered that Oliver Thompsett smells of leather (or rather his new leather jacket). In all, a good night!

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