Sunday, 22 August 2010

Is this real life? (Cue electronic keyboard echo effect)

So I've been incredibly rubbish and haven't posted in a month and a half. I blame life. Life always gets in the way- and by life I mean moving back home, having to unpack absolutely everything, working, trying to find a job for October (anyone need an assistant or an administrator?- I'm pretty nifty with a spreadsheet). Real life things instead of theatre life things. I'm still not sure which category my birthday goes into. Yes, I am now 22 and realising that real life is upon me. To celebrate my last few weeks of not having to be a grown up I indulged in my favourite things- cake, Hair and gays. I intended to have a picnic but the rain was torrential and my friends were nowhere to be seen because of said rain and so I invoked the "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to" rule until they did turn up and we ate cake. This cake:

This cake went everywhere; College, Hair, Gay bar and back home again
yI made it using a lot of blue food colouring and some awesome food colouring pens. It was very delicious and kept us well fed, although I did have to carry it around London, although I was never questioned what was in the bag. Second was Hair, my third visit, this time in row F as "Hair Whore" had taken all the front row seats (that's a nickname, not a real name, I don't know her real name, I don't want to). Highlights included: Darius Nicholls getting stuck in the audience, Andrew Kober dropping his doobie on the way to the trip and, upon telling him it was my birthday, getting a hug from Gavin Creel. Just in case you wanted to know he smelt minty fresh with a hint of sweat. The final part of the epic birthday extravanganza was my first ever trip to a gay bar, G-A-Y at Heaven to be precise. Here I learnt that the plus side of Gay bars is no groping and lots of cheesey music (in the small room that I liked anyway), the downside is strange stains on the sofas and lots of angry gays when The Saturdays cancel due to illness.

Now I am resigned to the grown up which involves getting up, going to work, coming home from work, eating and looking for jobs. I'm at a bit of a disadvantage having come from a science background and wanting to work in theatre admin. If only there was a way of expressing how much I love the theatre and also how much I know compared to all these Arts graduates. I guess that's what this blog is for, although this entry has contained nothing deep or thoughtful about the arts. Apologies, this is due to the lack of new theatre in my life at the moment. Stotfold is hardly the centre of culture- the nearest we get is the Christian choir and an am-dram group putting on tired murder mysteries. My Dad and I always had a pipe dream of opening an Arts centre here- part book shop, part cafe, part gallery and part performance space. I'd run the theatre company performing classic musicals (for the old dears) in rep with new contemporary musicals, whilst Dad put on open Shakespeare in the Summer. Anyone would be allowed to use the space and we'd make the money through the cafe and bookshop (which would obviously specialise in sheet music, theatre books and train books). Unfortunately we don't have the money and even if we did, the house we wanted to use has been turned into a day nursery. So until I find I job and move back to London I remain Theatre girl in a cultureless world.

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Most Awesome Cake Ever! :)
Sorry I couldn't be there. Love you!