Monday, 4 April 2011

Not Perfect..

Oh yes, I have just used a title with multiple meanings, how awesome.

So I'm not perfect, I haven't updated the blog in an incredibly long time, this is down to me being rubbish and can now also be blamed on having a job (for the rest of this month anyway). Jobs= moneys= being able to see my friend in London - yay! But it also means having to go to work everyday, and what I really miss in going to work is being able to discuss the arts as no one there seems to care. Which is where the blog comes back into play (and yes I know that entire paragraph was very badly written but tough.)

The subject of this blog actually derives from an event at work when I was on put on hold by a sustainable bag company. Now most hold music sucks- cliched classical music or some dodgy Spanish guitar- but this most certainly did not for it was Canvas Bags by Tim Minchin. My workmates had no idea why I started bouncing up and down excitedly to the hold music, or why I exclaimed to a bemused stranger on the other end of the phone that his hold music was AMAZING!

I never used to be one for comedy songs as they're usually a bit shit or "in-jokey" but the Australians seem to have developed a knack for it. What I like about Minchin's work is that he knows that most comedy songs are a bit shit and makes no apologies for this. He also has a great range to his work, whereas many comedians can only write one type of song his range from all-out offensive anthems to meaningful ballads. So this is what I'll show you. But first I feel I have to show you what all the fuss on the phone was about:

Its catchy, funny and even makes an environmentally friendly statement! Plus it would brighten up anyone's work day when the alternative highlight is whether they have chocolate sponge for lunch or not. Minchin hits satire on the head without making it obvious and who else could have Bono glasses and an accordion in the same video?

Next up, something a bit more offensive:

Happy Little Africuns!! Yay! Although I now feel that I live in a third world country as I don't own a PlayStation either. As a musician I appreciate that the song quality is never compromised and as a comedy fan I'm also glad that its funny- best of both worlds.

Although he's known for his blasphemous little ditties, much like my musical theatre preferences, I actually prefer when Tim Minchin is being a little more serious. Which brings us to the title of this blog: Not Perfect.

Much like his song Rock and Roll Nerd which is essentially that story of my teenage years, Not Perfect really got to me.  I found this song at time where I needed reassuring that I don't  have to be perfect but I can still be happy in  myself, and Tim Minchin did this for me.

So what is next for Australian Musical Comedy? Why that would be Axis of Awesome who I discovered on a rather hungover day watching Comic Relief in bed. Their Four Chord Song is absolute genius- really smart and really funny. I like the smug feeling I get being a musician listening to it (and then running to my piano to try out their theory) but that isn't to say its not accessible for the regular comedy fan, it really is nicely funny without offending anyone...except maybe Journey.

PS. If you're reading this Geoff, is it true that you're touring with Tim? If so I may have a small fan-gasm.

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