Monday, 23 March 2009

General Update. And then onto something theatrey

Can you guess what the Summer show is?

So "A Funny Thing Happened on The Way To The Forum" is finally over and I can catch up with things before the next show. What did I learn from Forum? Well 1) I miss being on stage, 2) Never do publicity, especially if you are juggling it with something else, 3) I HATE BUILDERS and 4) I actually enjoyed doing the costumes although its one of those jobs you get little gratitude for but by the end of the week, after seeing the costumes on stage I felt a bit better.

Our next show is "Sweet Charity" but you'll have to go to Budleigh Salterton to see it. Every year MTSoc becomes ICOS tour and puts on 10 performances in the village hall in Budleigh. Their village hall is massive, especially for the size of the village. Tour, although it sounds awful, is an unbelievable amount of fun, I did West Side Story in my first year and a typical day went as follows: 12pm Wake up, have brunch, go to the beach, have dinner, do the show, go to the pub, go party in the scout hut, 3am bed. Repeat.

Yes we use a dilapidated scout hut as our party venue, the toilet fell down 3 years ago, the ceiling rafters are a tad unstable, the walls are graffitied and is home to about 1000 plastic ducks but it is also home to some amazing parties and general funness.

Yay! Whores!

As already announced this years show is "Sweet Charity" and I'm actually genuinely excited which I haven't been since Batboy (my first show, and first and only lead!). I'm playing Carmen, one of the dance hall girls and a kind of middling sized role plus I finally get to play a grown up! And a slut at that...YAY! Technically its the fourth biggest female role and was even on the audition sheet! Its a nice size role considering that, yes, I'm also designing the costumes again! I was actually asked to do them (although the person that would usually do them may be in labour just around tour time) and the director thought I did a great job in Forum which is possibly one of the first compliments I've had about the Forum costumes which made me feel good. Plus I've had lots of people offering to help who, for some reason. weren't prepared to help for Forum but hey any help is good. It should be a lot more fun this time- I've got more time to do them, the builders hopefully won't be pissing me off, I've got a HUGE budget and the option of hiring some costumes. Plus I get to make myself a costume, hopefully the one I designed for Kate in The Wild Party, its a really pretty number and could probably work with a few alterations. I'd like to base the dancers' costumes around leotards a la Strictly Come Dancing just so they can be skimpy but with enough support. We'll see what the director says. Also, most of the Charitys I've seen have horrible clothes, well that won't be the case here!

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