Monday, 23 March 2009

Little Shop...of sexy geeks

 Well, what else can you do when there’s a giant mean eating plant but stand there looking desperately sexy?

Wow two posts in a night, I must be bored. Yes its time again for another installment of Musical Theatre Weekly, or monthly, or however long it is since I gave you one.

I hate it when editors change my photos, I spent ages finding that one of the lovely Hunter Foster and they replaced it with the guy who featured in the London revival. Not the same!

HistoryLittle Shop of Horrors is based on the 1960 Roger Corman B movie of the same name. He did it as a little weekend project on some left over set, it didn’t seem to do that well but obviously some people thought it had potential. Alan Menken and Howard Ashman (the guys that reinvented the Disney movie, they did all those early 90s ones we grew up with, you know; Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast…). They chose the story as the subject of their first musical. The show had its Off-Broadway debut in 1982 but didn’t make it to Broadway until the 2003 revival. The film of the musical came out in 1986 starring Rick Moranis (that geek from Ghostbusters, Honey I Shrunk the Kid…) and Ellen Greene (she’s Sylar’s mum in Heroes!!). The first London revival of the show recently finished at the Ambassador’s Theatre.

Seymour Krelborn is a down and out orphan living on Skid Row, he’s a bit geeky and social inept (aren’t we all? Hang on, I’m at Imperial, perhaps I shouldn’t answer that). He works for the mean Mr Mushnik in his plant shop and spends most of his days creating new plants and lusting after the beautiful but ditsy Audrey. The shop is about to go out of business when Seymour discovers a new plant during a full moon; Audrey II. Unfortunately the only way for Audrey II to survive is to drink blood (oops!) Poor Seymour has to become more and more criminal to keep up Audrey II’s addiction. Unfortunately this includes having to kill a few people; I won’t give away who though as that would spoil the story.

Main Characters:
Seymour Krelborn: A loveable geek who likes plants and Audrey
Audrey: A ditsy blonde whose going out with Orin but secretly loves Seymour
Audrey II: A cannibalistic plant that sounds like Barry White
Mr Mushnik: Mean spirited plant shop owner
Orin Scrivello: Sadistic dentist, whose really mean to girlfriend Audrey
The Urchins: Funky Greek chorus named after girl groups of the sixties

Songs to look out for:
Skid Row: Omg I love this song so much. If you like overlapping harmonies, etc you’ll love it too.
Feed me: Funky ass “rock-off” between a geek and a plant- gotta love it!
Suddenly Seymour: Ok, personally I don’t like Ellen Greene’s voice, but it’s such a sweet song

Where can I can get it?
DVD is really cheap; just make sure you get the 1986 version.
The London revival is going on tour next year; perhaps you could go see it in the vacation break!

If you liked this, try:Enchanted, the new Disney movie: the music’s by Alan Menken again!Hairspray- It’s got the whole sixties thang going on

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